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Friday, April 20, 2007


New Report Card Format

Dear Parents
As you will have seen the school is using a new electronically produced report card. I am keen to gauge whether you feel this new format is of more benefit to you in terms of you understanding how your child is developing at Woodhill. Please feel free to write your comments regarding this and the parental reporting evening on this blog. We will collate these and respond to any issues raised.
Peter Gollogly

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Parents' Evening

We would like your feedback from Parents' Evening this year. Please click 'comments' to give us your views. We would like to know whether you found the meeting purposeful, was the information you received useful, do you have any suggestions for improvements, etc.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy

We have recently reviewed and revised our Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy.

Please read the policy below and then click 'comments' to provide us with your views.

Woodhill Primary School
Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy

Our Expectations
In Woodhill we operate in an atmosphere of mutual respect. It is expected that children speak to adults in a polite, mannerly fashion referring to them by their surname. Should a child wish to speak to an adult they should not interrupt. Common courtesies of please, thank you and excuse me are the expected norm. Adults should refer to children by their first names.

We will strive to start the working day in a calm and orderly fashion. This should also be the case at the end of intervals and lunchtimes. To this end children will line up properly which will be the responsibility of the class teacher. Non teaching staff should make their way into the classroom. Children will be expected to walk in an orderly manner into the cloakrooms and then the classroom. Members of the management team should make regular visits to the lines. There is an expectation that parents who have dropped off their children will move away once teachers appear. Any information parents need passed to the class teacher should be given to a member of the office staff. Any problems in relation to this should be profiled to a member of the Senior Management Team.

Rules and Rewards
Overwhelmingly our aim is to encourage, promote and reward positive behaviour. The following is a list of some of the ways in which this is done:

•Each child can gain half an hour of ‘golden time’ each week for good behaviour in class.
•Each month a bonus half hour of golden time is given to each child who has not lost any of their golden time over the month.
•Vouchers are awarded to classes. These are prominently displayed in the main hall and are a focus of attention during each department’s monthly assembly. Classes can gain vouchers by lining up quietly, displaying acts of kindness, good manners and good behaviour outwith the classroom. The winning class will receive a sticker and a reward.
•Each year rules, rewards and sanctions will be discussed with the children at each stage together with both class teachers and any classroom assistants/support for learning assistants to ensure commonality across both classes.
•Rules, rewards and sanctions will be reinforced at the first department assembly each term.
•Star pupils will be highlighted at assemblies.
•Special rewards will be presented at assemblies for any child who has carried out a noteworthy action.

Inappropriate Behaviour
Good discipline within the classroom is the responsibility of the class teacher. It is the role of the class teacher to investigate alleged classroom or playground incidents. The overriding principle when there is significant inappropriate behaviour is that there should be contact with home at an early stage to work with parents to remedy the situation. Staff should inform their departmental head if they are contacting parents by phone or letter and any meetings with parents should be logged on the weekly chart in the school office.
A referral for behaviour support and the use of East Dunbartonshire’s staged intervention policy and procedures may be used after consultation with the management team.
While the following examples profile our system of sanctions it cannot be overstated that there is a positive approach to behaviour within Woodhill and not a negative one. There are, however, some occasions where sanctions are necessary to discourage children from repeating inappropriate behaviours.
The following are examples of the types of behaviour and sanctions. It should be noted that the placing of a child outwith the learning and teaching environment is not an appropriate sanction.

Mild Behaviour Issues
Mild behaviour issues may include behaviours such as occasional chatting, a disruption to the class, time wasting/not completing work, some verbal assaults on other pupils.
Sanctions related to mild behaviour issues may be a telling off, loss of golden time, a short term move within the classroom, time out of their group, sending of uncompleted work home.

Moderate Behaviour Issues
Moderate behaviour issues may include behaviours such as repeated disruption to the class, verbal assaults on other pupils, minor physical assaults on other pupils e.g. pushing, standing on heels, etc, throwing items.
Sanctions related to moderate behaviour issues may be loss of golden time, reduction in privileges and appropriate written sanctions. Break times may be lost if the incident is a physical assault or related to issues in the playground.

Serious Behaviour Issues
Serious behaviour issues may include behaviours such as verbal/physical assault on staff, intentional physical assault towards other pupils e.g. biting, constant major disruption to the work of the class, bullying and racist incidents. If immediate attention by a member of the management team is necessary a red card should be sent to the office.
On the very rare occasions when behaviour is significantly affecting the running of the classroom/school life/etc classroom teachers will meet with their department heads/HT and the incident log procedures may be implemented At this stage other actions such as
the use of boardmaker, a behaviour contract, behaviour coins, warning cards, etc may be introduced. In extreme cases it may be necessary to use exclusion in line with East Dunbartonshire’s Procedure Manual No. 3/11.

Termly Behaviour Reports
In addition to the principle of early contact between school and home in relation to unacceptable behaviour every child will receive a report about their behaviour each term. This allows the school and parents to monitor behaviour independently of the annual written academic report and allows good behaviour to be profiled.


School Aims

We have recently revised our aims and would be interested to hear your views. Please click the 'comments' link to tell us what you think.

In Woodhill Primary School we aim to:

1. Provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment which promotes successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

2. Develop a relevant and challenging curriculum for all using a wide range of learning and teaching strategies

3. Raise and maintain levels of attainment.

4. Encourage high standards of discipline and attendance to allow every pupil to reach their full potential.

5. Foster an ethos of achievement which values effort and celebrates success.

6. Develop effective links with parents and the wider community.

7. Promote an understanding of and respect for others irrespective of ethnic, cultural and religious background.

In Woodhill Primary School we, the pupils, aim to:

1. Follow the school motto – ‘Let’s Make Woodhill Primary School a Safe and Happy Place’

2. Always try our best with classwork and homework

3. Treat everyone with respect

4. Be polite to staff, visitors and other pupils

5. Let an adult know if there is anything worrying us